Vincenzo Casale motivation to conduct came from many different influences but, simply put, orchestral music is the most beautiful thing in the world, and to work with musicians, whether professional, amateur, students or children, is both an honor and a joy.Passion for conducting, inspirational leadership and dedication to teaching define his career. An infectious spirit of adventure and the belief that music exists in everyone are at the heart of his life long love of classical music and musicianship.

In the recent years he has been invited to coach different youth orchestras and ensemble in Europe, and repertoire is starting from baroque till contemporary music.

As artistic director he has been invited in Basel (Switzerland) in 2011.

Vincenzo has enjoyed several projects as artistic director in Basel with Hirzen Pavillon Ensemble, Bruxelles and Antwerpen as conductor and assistant conductor in the Royal conservatories.

He is artistic director and founder of TWIS ( Taffanel Wind Instruments Society) with international tours and collaborations  with PARTS ( dance international academy of Anne Theresa de Keersmaeker) and the  Festival of Alicante.

With regard to the future he is currently working on a new festival of dance , music and theater.

He is conducting a repertoire between Baroque and Stravinsky with an interest as well for contemporary music and new projects combining music with drama and visual arts.

Please ask for more information about repertoire